Rebecca Carey, the new Marks & Spencer model is quadriplegic with cerebral palsy!

She is just nine years old and is already creating waves as a high street model! Rebecca Carey, who is quadriplegic with cerebral palsy, and her twin sister Lottie, are the stars of 2018's Marks & Spencer catalogue back-to-school range.

Rebecca also dances in a new BBC Super Movers campaign that aims to encourage children to become more active.

Rebecca longed to walk just like her sister but was denied the surgery that could help her get out of her wheelchair. The sisters then wrote to the former Prime Minister David Cameron to ask why Rebecca could not be treated for stage-four cerebral palsy under the National Health Scheme.

That did not yield any result, so her parents started raising funds themselves for the surgery in America. They raised thousands of pounds for the selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery in Missouri.

The surgery destroys the problematic nerve roots in the spinal cord, which affects people with such conditions. Rebecca had intense physiotherapy, which helped build the strength to use her walking aid on her own.

Eventually she would sit by herself, use her left arm and speak more easily. She was then asked by Marks & Spencer to model for the 2018 uniform line with her sister.

The two sisters now feature on the website.

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