Banish these myths about Alzheimer's disease!

Alzheimer's disease affects millions of people around the world. It affects the functioning of the brain and is incurable. The disease can be managed to a certain extent by care and medication.

There are certain myths about Alzheimer's disease that cause misinformation about the condition.

Myth 1

Memory loss is the first indicator of Alzheimer's disease

The truth is that the disease is not detectable in the initial stage and may exist in a person without showing any external signs of its presence. The disease starts to affect the brain many years before the symptoms appear.

Myth 2 Early diagnosis makes Alzheimer's easier to treat

The truth is that there is no cure for Alzheimer's at present and medication cannot be used to slow down its progress.

Myth 3

Alzheimer's affects everyone equally

This is not true as lifestyle is shown to have an effect on the prevalence of the disease. Study has found that people who were less educated and held lower paying jobs were diagnosed with the disease at younger ages as compared with those who lived a better life financially.

Myth 4

You can prevent Alzheimer's disease by brain training

Although some research indicates that keeping the brain active can help prevent the disease, there is no hard data that can be used as evidence to support it.

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