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Able Flight program in the United States gives people with disabilities a chance to become pilots

This program in Purdue in United States is taking people with disabilities sky high with the controls firmly in their hands.

It is called Able Flight and it gives disabled people the opportunity to become pilots. People like 23-year-old Asher Kirschbaum, a recent college graduate, who is deaf. Asher hears almost nothing and was initially unsure if he would be able to handle a plane by himself.

Now, he has become more confident and trusts himself more in the cockpit. He is among the four students with disabilities who has a scholarship from the Able Flight program. He will get a light sport pilot license by the time the summer ends.

His instructor also got to learn some sign language while Asher learned to fly.

Asher has already learned to fly by himself. A deaf pilot can fly solo without radio communication by depending on the simple signals flashed by the tower using a light gun.

Asher says the silent flight makes the view even more spectacular.

The Able Flight program started nine years ago.

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