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Top fashion designer Izzy Camilleri's new line of adaptive clothing to be available online!

June 19, 2018

Izzy Camilleri, the well-known Canadian designer is famous for styling celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Meryl Streep. But its her latest collection, IZ Adaptive, that has got everyone talking. Its designed for people with disabilities.

This is not her first such collection. As far back as 2009, Camilleri released IZ collection, which was one of the world's first fashion lines for wheelchair users. The trousers did not ride down at the back or push on the user's waist. Coats were cut such that a person could wear them seated.

This new range is even more unique. IZ Adaptive goes beyond wheelchair users to people with a range of disabilities. This means trousers have horizontal pull-tabs at the side, waist and centre of the back. This helps people with dexterity problems slip their fingers to help them pull up the trousers without having to grip. They also have elastic waists, which does away with the need for zips. Coats have magnetic fastenings and pull-tabs on zippers.

Even better is that IZ Adaptive is not just available on Camilleri's website like her previous adaptive ranges. The new line will be stocked by Zappos, which is the Amazon-owned global retailer. Her her online store will ship worldwide in a few months. The prices are more accessible too.

Like her, many top designers are waking up to the needs of people with disabilities. In April 2018, Tommy Hilfiger launched its second full collection of adaptive clothing. This was after it launched a line for kids with disabilities in 2016 and later for disabled adults in 2017.

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