Former India deaf cricket captain Imran Shaikh relaunches his food stall in Vadodara

He was famous as the Dhoni of the Indian national deaf and speech impaired cricket team. Now Imran Shaikh, the former captain of the India team is ready to start a new innings, this time in the food business.

One year after his temporary roadside stall was closed down by municipal authorities, Sheikh is back to selling health food in Vadodara.

The Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) has has allotted Sheikh a space to run his food stall near the M S University. He has started re-selling his famous moong chaat, which was a big hit among people who want healthy food.

His earlier stall at Old Padra Road attracted huge crowds but it had to be shut down as the main roads were cleared of all eating places. Now Sheikh has a permanent place to do business. He will have to pay a rent of Rs 50 a day to the civic body.

Sheikh plans to expand the menu and offer more healthy dishes at his stall. He plans to sell only healthy food. Sheikh coaches normal and deaf and speech impaired cricketers at his cricket club in a school in Bhayali.

Sheikh was a part of the India team that won the deaf and mute cricket world cup in 2005 by defeating England. His consistent performance led him to captaincy of the team in 2012. He has led the deaf cricket team several times.

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