Aluminum foil does not cause Alzheimer’s disease

Social media helps to make people aware about their surroundings by sharing news and ideas.

However, many times social media is used for spreading fake news and false rumors. Some of the most common rumors are health related and people tend to believe them quite often.

One such rumor claims that use of aluminum foil can result in serious health problems including Alzheimer’s disease.

Experts claim that this is not true and doctors have not issued any warnings against the use of aluminum foils. Aluminum foils are commonly is used for wrapping food items and is found in most households these days.

Aluminum is a metal and is commonly found in food items, water, air and soil. It is impossible to completely avoid the metal as it is everywhere.

Most researchers and health care experts believe that consumption and use of aluminum is not a major risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease. This is based on the current knowledge and information about the effects of Aluminum on human body.

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