Inaccessible foot overbridges at Gurugram makes travel a nightmare for disabled people

The insensitivity of our government towards disabled people has often created many barriers for people with disabilities. In spite of having many exclusive schemes for disabled, they are not implemented to the fullest in our country. If implemented rightly, lives of disabled people would have been more comfortable and easier!

Recently, three underpasses were built in different parts of Gurugram. But unfortunately, none of the foot overbridges (FOB) built next to them is accessible to disabled people or the elderly. They do not even have a wheelchair ramp!

At the Iffco Chowk FOB, there are at least nine stairs before getting to the escalator. If that is the case, why would an escalator even be in use! The condition is similar at the Signature Tower Chowk FOB as well. The escalator at the FOB is not yet functional. Rajiv Chowk FOB is nothing different. To add to the menace, the place is covered with dirt and sewage.

None of these underpasses have lifts, which makes it extremely difficult for disabled people and elderly.

Disabled rights activists raised concerns over this and said that it is unconstitutional and illegal to have such inaccessible FOB’s in India.

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