Online information on vaccines for kids with autism mostly misleading, warns study

Autism is a widely prevalent disorder around the world and many parents and caregivers of people with autism turn to information that is available online to find ways to make their lives and those of their loved ones better. However, this information may not always be reliable and trustworthy, warns a new study.

A team of researchers have pointed out that information linking vaccines to autism available online is based on scientific studies that are old and not well founded. This has led to a major controversy amongst parents of children with autism, especially.

Many parents believe that giving their kids these vaccines is certain to lead to autism in their children. However, this has been dismissed by many experts.

Many websites that carry information on autism were used for the study. Nearly 24% of these websites claim that vaccines are linked to autism. Some of these websites are highly ranked, yet the study says they are not to be blindly followed.

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