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Tips to choose a commode chair for a disability toilet

June 20, 2018

Choosing the right commode chair is important if you have suffered an injury or if your mobility is limited for some reason.

A commode chair is a toilet that is portable and can be placed at the bedside of a person whose activity is limited. Commode chairs are mostly used inside the bedroom. Using a bedside commode during recovery reduces the risk of falling and injuring yourself again. A commode also makes it easier for caretakers to look after patients without having to transfer them all the way to the bathroom.

Sometimes, the bathroom's doorway is to narrow for an people on wheelchairs to go through safely. In cases like this, a bedside commode is a good option.

There are a range of different commodes available such as - Shower commodes, Portable commodes, and Bariatric commodes.

So, how do you decide which kind best suits your needs? Well, here are some details that might help.

  • Bariatric Commode - This is for people who weigh over 130 kgs unlike regular bedside commodes that can only accommodate up to 130 kgs. These have a wider seat that allow people to sit comfortably without feeling confined. Many bariatric commodes also have a drop arm that enables easy transfer from a wheelchair or hospital bed.
  • Portable Commode - These can be easily pushed and moved around. They are lightweight and have four wheels that can be easily pushed over all types of flooring.
  • Shower Commode - These are designed specially for showers. Shower commodes work as both a shower chair and a commode chair. Most of these chairs are made of lightweight aluminium that is rust-proof. They have four wheels so it is easy to move patients in and out of the shower.

Finally, and this is most important, do check before purchase if spare parts like castors, arm-rests and back-rests for your choice of commode are available. Many of these commode chairs are imported, but retailers do not import the spare parts.

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