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Njan Marykutty - Movie review of Malayalam film on the life of a transgender woman

June 20, 2018

Gone are days when cinema was only about entertainment. This powerful medium can reflect societal problems. Like in the case of latest Malayalam movie 'Njan Marykutty' directed by ace director Ranjith Shankar.

The movie throws light on the life of a transgender woman from Kerala called Marykutty. This 27-year-old, who was born as Mathukutty, has been nursing dreams of becoming a sub-inspector (SI) of police ever since childhood. Things turned out sour when Mathukutty decides to change his sex and become Marykutty. Born as a man, this youngster always knew that he was stuck in the wrong body.

Post her sex change surgery, Marykutty was even pushed out of home for her decision to become her true self! The film revolves around her struggles to overcome her hurdles.

Versatile Jayasurya has donned the role of Marykutty. We are sure no one else could have portrayed this with such perfection. Jayasurya literally walked into the life of Marykutty!

His subtle expressions and feminine gestures added to the sparkle of his character. Unlike many other movies that mock at the man for showing their feminine side, 'Njan Maryutty' points it out with all its integrity and beauty.

Joju Mala who plays the role of a cruel policeman has done a remarkable job. He clearly portrays our insensitive society which is always in a hurry to put down a transgender woman. Suraj Venjarammmodu enacts the part of a supportive district collector who does everything to ensure the government job to Marykutty, respecting her identity.

Many transgender women in Kerala have said that the movie reflects their lives, which is the biggest tribute to director Ranjit Shankar. They are hoping the film will lead to a change in attitudes.

The film keeps you hooked and does not deviate from the topic. Every scene talks about the challenges that Marykutty faces living in an insensitive society.

'Njan Marykutty' is running to packed houses across Kerala. The movie has already broken records. But more than anything, Malayalam cinema can be proud of 'Njan Marykutty' which talks about the struggles of a transgender woman who strives to come out with her real gender identity. No other movie has showcased a transgender woman with so much dignity and respect.

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