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Her experiences battling disability motivated Amudha to work for the poor

42-year-old S Amudhashanthy from Madurai is the epitome of strength, determination and all things awesome! As a disabled girl from a poor family, Amudha never got the opportunity to study. But she was determined to fight for every opportunity that came her way.

As a child, Amudha never got to enter the gates of a school. But a kind relative's neighbour guided her to the Sivasailam Asraman in Tirunelveli where she studied and went on to do a B.A in commerce.

In 2005, Amudha launched the Thiyagam Women's Trust to offer vocational training to underprivileged women. The trust helps women find jobs after successful completion of the course.

In 2007, she even started holding free tuition classes for underprivileged students in Madurai. Here kids are taught higher studies, behavioural lessons and even counselling. Nearly 9,000 students have already benefitted from her classes.

Amudha and her team have been making sure that underprivileged girls are not married off by 18 years without completing their education. Many families want to get rid of their girl children because they are seen as a burden. Amudha interferes in such cases and ensures that the girl child is given an education and finds a job for herself!

Amudha is truly an inspiration to all the women out there. She shows how much a woman can do with just very less resources. All you need is the heart and a willpower to help the needy.

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