More than 10 lakh disabled people to cast votes in Rajasthan for assembly elections!

Disabled people often stay away from voting in elections due to many factors. But their votes are important just like yours and mine! They constitute the government and ignoring their rights will only make things worse for governments.

Rajasthan is all set to follow inclusion in their upcoming assembly elections! The government of Rajasthan and election commission are joining hands with political parties to take a count of disabled people in the state who are eligible to vote in the upcoming elections.

According to reports, there are more than 10 lakh eligible disabled voters in Rajasthan. 5 lakh disabled people have already been identified and registered. Last year, 17,000 disabled people voted in the assembly elections.

Officials from the election commission have asked representatives of political parties to take up this matter seriously. Their members have been asked to work towards bringing out the correct statistics of disabled people. Government will publish the final voters list on 27 September.

The assembly elections are scheduled to happen towards the end of this year. This initiative by Rajasthan government has been lauded by disability rights activists in the state.

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