Stressed employees get lessons in yoga from students with learning disabilities

World Yoga Day was celebrated in a unique way in Chennai. Students with a range of disabilities like autism, Down syndrome and learning disability got a chance to to give a yoga demo to harassed executives at the workplace.

The students were part of an initiative by United Way Chennai, which held many workshops in Chennai, all led by disabled people. The workshops called Know My Ability are meant to showcase the talents of people who are generally defined only by their disability.

Among the organizations that took part were Vasantham – School and Home for People with Special Needs, Swabodhini and V-Excel Educational Trust.

The students rehearsed their moves for several weeks before the session. The exercises suggested were for relaxation like the rabbit pose, standing tadasana and surya namaskar.

The students have been learning yoga for the last eight years and have seen much improvement in their concentration, fine and gross motor skills and reduced aggressive behaviour.

Through such sessions, the organizations hope to create awareness about autism and pave the way for more acceptance and inclusion.

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