Geeta to undergo fresh DNA tests to help trace family

Despite the efforts of the government, Geeta, the deaf woman who returned to India after many years in Pakistan has not been able to find her long lost family.

The Ministry of External Affairs has decided to conduct a fresh DNA test on Geeta.

Geeta had returned from Pakistan in 2015 where she had stayed for over 10 years. She was found by Pakistan Rangers on the Samjhauta Express train in Lahore when she was seven or eight years old. She was taken care of in Pakistan by an NGO.

When she came back to India, efforts were launched to trace her parents. A DNA test was done on her so that the samples could be matched with people who came forward claiming to be her parents.

Minister Sushma Swaraj had also announced a reward of Rs one lakh for helping find her parents.

A lot of people came forward but none of them were found to be Geeta’s parents.

Geeta is living in an NGO in Indore and the Madhya Pradesh government is looking after her.

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