Elderly couple harassed by dowry case attempted suicide

An elderly couple attempted to take their lives as they were harassed by their daughter-in-law.

The tragic incident took place in Pune where 48 year old Anil Dhotre and his wife Shantabai Dhotre aged 45 years attempted suicide by consuming poison.

The husband is dead and wife is being treated in the intensive care unit of a local hospital.

As per reports, the daughter-in-law of the couple had filed dowry case against them soon after she married their son. The police not yet registered an FIR in the case and are still looking at it as an accidental death.

The family claims that no dowry taken during the wedding of their son and the no dowry taken during the wedding often fought with her in laws.

In a suicide note written by the couple, it has been mentioned that they consumed poison as they were fed up with their daughter-in-law.

The note also revealed that couple were going through emotional and financial stress due to the dowry case and were facing public ridicule.

The relatives have refused to accept the body of the deceased and are demanding a proper investigation in the case.


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