Disabled boy beaten, tortured with electric shocks in Punjab

In a shocking incident of child abuse, a disabled boy from the Dalit community was treated most cruelly by a group of men in Punjab.

As per reports, the 17-year-old teenager was beaten up and given electric shocks as punishment for drinking water from a tap belonging to the so-called upper caste famililes.

A video of the horrific torture has appeared that shows the boy being tied to a tree and given electric shocks.

What's even worse, the boy was later kept in police custody for three days although no case was lodged against him.

The abusers have accused the boy of stealing two bottles of cold drinks.

After protest by the media and social activists at the police station, he was released.

The police has not been able to respond to questions of torture and illegal confinement.

No action has been taken against the people who were involved in the torture of the disabled boy.

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