Elderly couple found murdered in posh Mumbai suburb

How safe are our cities for senior citizens who live alone? Are the police taking adequate measures to protect and safeguard them? Looks like, it is not! On Friday morning, Mumbai woke up to the shocking news of an elderly couple being strangled to death for money and gold.

85 year old Nanik Makhijani and his 80 year old wife Daya were found murdered at the first floor of their apartment in the posh residential area of Bandra in Mumbai. Police have arrested their female caretaker and her friend. Both of them have admitted to the crime and said that their intention was robbery.

According to police, the couple were murdered on Wednesday night. The culprits stole Rs 21,000 along with gold bangles and other jewellery. All of this was found intact from them by the police.

On Thursday morning by 9 a.m, the cook rang the doorbell and no one answered. After being suspicious, she alerted the watchman. With the help of a ladder they climbed to the window of the first floor to find the couple murdered inside their bedroom. The cupboard was left open. They immediately called the police who reached the spot by 9.30 a.m.

Apart from the caretaker, the couple have a cook, cleaner and driver as well. All of them have been working with them for many years. The caretaker had taken up her job only three weeks before. Police says that her intention for taking up the job must have been robbery.

Lack of a CCTV camera in the posh residential area made it difficult for police to find the culprits. They had to rely on a CCTV camera that was installed a few metres away to find the caretaker and her friend leaving the area.

The couple have two sons living in the United States and Singapore. Both of them have been called down to Mumbai. Nearby residents and locals are at a shock after the incident came to light.

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