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Inspired by Google Glass, Delhi teen creates device called Transcribe for deaf people

Modern technology has ensured that many new devices that can make lives of disabled people easier enters the market. While some of them come at a high cost, others are affordable even to people from the middle class. Google Glass is a brand of smart glasses that have been helping disabled people. But it comes at a huge cost which is almost Rs one lakh!

A 17 year old boy from Delhi has created something unique and novel for people who are deaf and has hearing impairment. Madhav Lavakare has developed a device Transcribe, which is making headlines in the technology space.

Transcribe performs activities similar to that of a Google Glass, and it comes at a cost that is 96% lower.

Lavakare fell in love with Google Glass when it was launched and wanted to learn more about the gadget. This led him to create Transcribe.

After much research and experimenting with cheap electronic devices, Madhav created Transcribe. The Transcribe user can talk to the other person who is using a smart phone and also converts speech to text to help deaf people communicate.

Lavakare says that he had a tough time trying to get products to create a Transcribe from Indian markets. He has used a Bluetooth module, a small OLED screen, and other technologies for Transcribe.

Lavakare is looking out for potential investors for the project. As of now, he plans to charge Rs 3,500 for the device. This teenager is all set to launch it in the commercial space and we just cannot wait!

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