Read how Shihaab, a disabled man from Kerala, found household fame & love

Shihaabuddin is well-known in Kerala as a motivational speaker and participant in the popular dance reality show, Ugram Ujjwalam, on Mazhavil Manorama channel.

Shihaabuddin became a household name after he took part in the show. More importantly, the fame has also brought him love.

Popularly known as Shihab, the 25-year-old was born with the Tetra-Amelia syndrome. This is a rare disorder due to which children are born without arms and legs.

Shihaab says there were days when he would sit around his house doing nothing. He was dying to watch football matches but had no one who could take him. Born into a family of six siblings, Shihaab never attended school until Class 8. He was taught informally by his brothers and sisters.

Life changed for him in class 10 when his teachers asked him to go on stage and give a speech during his farewell. Shihaab was reluctant, but his teachers pushed him to. He shared a few anecdotes and the reactions he saw surprised him. Many of his classmates were touched and in tears.

Since then Shihaab has used his speech skills to motivate students across Kerala, and even other parts of India and abroad. In his speeches, Shihaab shares his struggles and tells people to be positive and make the most of opportunities.

Shihaab has done 700 shows across India and abroad. He also plays the violin and paints.

It was during the dance show that he won the attention of Shahaana Fathima, a young woman from Kottayam. Shahana loved his performance and sent him a note. Soon they were a couple and after three years they got married.

Shihaab, who has done his M.A from Calicut University, plans to do a PhD in literature.

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