Russian scientists develop program to detect Parkinson's disease

Russian scientists have created a program that can identify the presence of Parkinson's disease. It can also predict future symptoms of Parkinson's with the accuracy of up to 96%.

This program can prove useful in detecting the Parkinson's disease at early stages and treatment can be started sooner.

Parkinson's disease is a form of dementia and affects millions of people across the world. The disease has impact on the brain functions. As per data one in 100 people above the age of 60 years is affected by the disease.

Data also states that older men are more prone to Parkinson's disease as compared to women. The symptoms of the disease are different in different people such as hands tremor and stiffness in limbs.

Researchers are hoping to make detection programs to be easily available on any device such as a computer or a smartphone in the near future.

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