Health experts issue warning in Ludhiana after diarrhoea outbreak, open helpline

Ludhiana in Punjab is facing a major health crisis after a diarrhoea outbreak in different parts of the district. Health experts have asked people to be careful and wary of the situation in order to prevent further spreading of the disease amongst residents.

They have also opened a helpline number for people to call and raise their concerns. Residents can call to 0161-2444193 in case they have any queries. Even though no extreme cases have been reported, locals are advised to be on a vigil.

Health expert teams have been sent to Geeta Colony, Bharti Colony and Aman Colony on Bahadur Ke Road across Ludhiana. Experts have already monitored 1,186 houses and distributed 2,319 chlorine tablets and 302 ORS packets. Nearly 60 people were found to have diarrhoea symptoms and two of them are already admitted in hospitals.

Experts said that people must drink only boiled water. Hands must be washed properly before having food and eatables must always be covered and kept. In case anyone has diarrhoea symptoms, they must keep themselves hydrated.

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