Over 150 disabled people participate in Indore event to find soulmates

Indore in Madhya Pradesh hosted something unique and beautiful last week. The Parichay Sammelan was a gathering for disabled people and their families to come together in order to find a suitable match as their life partners!

Though the event was organized mainly for deaf people, people with other types of disabilities, and even the non-disabled took part. People with no disabilities were advised by the organisers to learn sign language in order to know their partners better.

More than 150 people introduced themselves in sign language at this three-day event. On the first day, the candidates discussed their bio-data, skills, hobbies, education and job profiles. Their families took part in the event on the second day. The third day was to know each other better and take their decisions to the next level!

Geeta, the deaf girl who returned from Pakistan was also part of the event! She attended the event on the third day. Geeta, who has already met a few candidates after a swayamvar, does not want to make a hasty decision. Hence, she is meeting more people in order to find the right one!

The event that was initiated by the Mook Badhir Sansthan, was held at Parasrampuria School in Rajmohalla. It was a huge success!

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