Regular acupuncture treatment helps treat signs of autism spectrum disorders, says UK study

Medication is commonly used to treatment children with autism. However, many children have reported adverse reactions and this has led to the exploration of complementary treatments for autism.

A pilot control trial in the United Kingdom at a specialist residential school for children with autism in East Sussex in United Kingdom says regular acupuncture treatment hold plenty of potential.

This treatment is now being made available in India.

Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are developmental disorders with four main features. These are communication and social impairment, irritability, repetitive behaviour and limited range of interests. Depending on the type and severity of autism, there is a wide variance.

Trial done over 10 months

The trial used body acupuncture and weekly treatments based on an individual diagnosis. The study was conducted in one institute to eliminate variations in treatments.

The trial was held between September 2012 and July 2013 on 14 students. They were split into two groups, with each getting weekly treatments. All diagnoses and treatments were done by one acupuncturist, who was fully qualified with 16 years of experience.

The children and their parents reported many benefits, like feeling more relaxed, less anxious, less angry and better social behaviour. These are common challenges that autistic children face.

Parents felt the treatment had made a positive impact but it was also felt that regular treatment was needed to maintain its efficacy.

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