Rejected in love, Indian Army major kills colleague’s wife

Attraction for the wife of a colleague led an Indian Army Major to commit a horrific crime.

The victim of the crime, Shailja Dwivedi was found with her throat slit and her body run over by a vehicle. She was found dead near the Cantonment area in Delhi on Saturday.

The police investigated Shailja’s phone and found evidence against Major Nikhil Handa. Further probe revealed that Handa was obsessed with Shailja and wished to marry her.

Shailja is the wife of Major Amit Dwivedi. She met Handa in 2015 when her husband was posted in Nagaland along with Handa.

Police say that Handa murdered her as she refused to marry him. Handa reportedly attacked Shailja with a knife and then ran over her with a car.

He then fled Delhi and was caught in Meerut.

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