What is the Yo-Yo test for Indian cricketers?

The Yo-Yo test has been making news lately as some senior players of the Indian cricket team have reportedly failed it.

Yo-Yo test and its use for accessing the fitness of the players is being questioned by many players, both current and former. There is a growing rift in the Indian cricket world about it.

Recently Ambati Rayudu and Sanju Samson failed the test, although they gave superb performances during the recently concluded IPL season.

Details of the Yo-Yo test

Yo-Yo test is considered to be a benchmark test that judges the fitness and endurance of players.

The player is required to run between two lines or two cones that are 20 meters apart and turn when a beep signal is sounded.

Once the player starts running the pace of the test is increased. The player is given two more beeps to catch up if he is not able to reach the line in time. The test is stopped when the player fails to catch up with pace and run fast enough between the two lines.

Passing score of Yo-Yo test

The passing score for the test is 19.5 and above.

As per reports, India captain Virat Kohli has a Yo-Yo score of 21.

Yuvraj Singh had a low Yo-Yo score of 16 only and was not included in the ODI team for Sri Lanka.

Mohammad Shami also failed the test recently. Players who failed the Yo-Yo test have not been included in the team for the tour to England.

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