This sports centre in Gurugram teaches swimming to disabled students!

All kids, with and without disabilities, love sports and games. It helps them build skills, socialize, and boosts confidence.

However, there are just not enough opportunities for disabled kids to explore their skills and talents in sports and other such activities. Gradually this seems to be changing with many organizations coming forward. A new one is the Special Assisted Sports Academy at Gurugram.

This academy coaches disabled kids in swimming, every single day! More than 10 students with disabilities are regulars here. Under the guidance of coach Surender Kumar, these children have already learned basic swimming lessons! Anita, who is the owner of the sports centre, also ensures that children are taught the right lessons.

Most of the students here have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), autism, and Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD). Apart from mere technical skills, coaches need to posses lots of patience, love, and attention. This is indeed the biggest challenge for trainers!

Anita says that by giving these children swimming lessons, organizers are gearing up to prepare them for the competitive world out there. Their swimming classes are held on weekends or after school. Hence, it does not interfere with their academics.

These children are totally in love with their swimming classes. It is high-time that such initiatives are taken up by other sports centres across India!

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