Blind students from Chandigarh walk the ramp in style!

Who says blind people cannot walk a ramp in grace and panache! It was all about glitz and glamour at an event for blind fashionistas in Chandigarh. All of them wooed audience with their unique style and killer looks!

The fashion show held by the students of the National Association for the Blind (NAB) at Chandigarh in Punjab was quite a treat to witness. The show was done for an FMCG company where students wore designer clothes and walked the ramp. The event was filled with youthfulness and vibrancy.

There were five rounds, and each round had different themes. There were Mr and Ms Round, then came a man with class round. The final one was the best couple round which was bagged by senior students at the NAB.

The audience were at awe after witnessing the remarkable performances of these rising stars. All the students ensured that they put their best efforts to make the show a grand success!

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