More details emerge of murder by Army major of colleague's wife

Investigations have shown that Major Nikhil Rai Handa, accused of murdering a fellow officer's wife, Shailja Dwivedi, did not have many friends in the military.

Handa was very active on Facebook and that was how he came into contact with Shailja, in 2015. He saw a photograph of her on a common friend’s timeline.

Handa then made friends with her husband, Major Amit Dwivedi, so that he could attend parties at the Dwivedis’ home. He was a frequent visitor to their home in Nagaland.

Matters between Major Dwivedi and Handa were fine, until the husband saw a video call from Handa to his wife. After that, he told Handa never to drop by their house again.

Major Handa spent a lot of time trying to persuade Shailja to divorce her husband and start a life with him. He even staged fights with his own wife so that she would believe they have a bad marriage.

Police say that after killing Shailja, Handa borrowed money from his brother and tried to escape.

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