Top 5 Innovations in Disability - 2017

There was plenty to choose from when it comes to innovations for people with disabilities in 2017. Here is what we shortlisted.

Talking ATM app for the blind, developed by students of IIT Madras, that makes it easier for the vision impaired to find speech-enabled ATMs.

The globe is literally at the fingertips with an atlas for the blind . A world first, developed by Indian scientists.

Another India first was VHAB, the app aimed at improving mobility and balance in kids with cerebral palsy

A team of students and engineers from Sri Lanka designed an award winning I-belt belt that helps the deaf hear. The belt is lightweight, and made up of mini-vibrators and microphones that alert the user during an emergency.

And finally, an app, developed by a nun in the United States, teaches families with deaf children how to pray, worship and talk about faith in American Sign Language.

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