Disabled man attempted suicide in collectorate office in Tamil Nadu

A 40 year old disabled man tried to commit suicide inside the collectorate office in Villupuram in Tamil Nadu.

The man named Pazhani took the extreme step as he was not getting justice from the authorities.

As per reports, a piece of land that belonged to his wife had been handed over to a business man. This was made possible by some corrupt revenue officers.

Pazhani had appealed to the police and asked for help in the matter but he was not given any assistance.

He got frustrated and attempted a suicide by pouring kerosene on himself. However, he was rescued by the police and the matter is being looked into.

Pazhani lost his left hand in a work related accident when he used to work in a private cotton mill and was forced to quit the job.

After much efforts he was placed as a sanitary worker at a government school in Tiruchy.

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