Cases of allergic conjunctivitis on the rise in Delhi due to pollution

The recent dust storm in Delhi has added to the already high levels of pollution in the Capital. The result is that the extreme heat and dust are causing discomfort. Conjunctivitis has spread in a big way among children and adults .

Conjunctivitis is a communicable disease caused due to dust particles entering eyes leading to irritation. It is of a seasonal as well as a perennial nature.

The seasonal kind is cured by using eye drops, while the more severe kind can lead to complete loss of vision.

Experts say that dust storm, high pollution levels, and dry weather are causing many patients to complain of redness of eyes, stinging and burning. They advise precaution to be taken to protect the eyes. People must avoid long hours in direct sun, use protective eyewear, drink lots of water, wash eyes and consult a doctor if signs continue.

Most badly affected are children who keep on rubbing their eyes. Instead of constant eye rubbing, one should opt for eye drops, advise doctors.

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