Here are some effects of stroke on the body

Strokes are one of the major cause of death and disability across the world. Stroke is a medical condition that occurs when there is lack of blood flow to the brain.

Here is some information about what happens to the body after a stroke.

  1. Stroke can cause blood to build up in the brain. This can cause further issues that may result in severe damage or even death.

  2. Blood vessels can become narrow even days after the initial stroke takes place.

  3. Stroke can result in pressure on the brain and spinal cord. This can cause pain in the nerves and impact the ability to move your limbs.

  4. After a stroke, the simple tasks of picking objects up and putting them down can become a challenging.

  5. Paralysis in one side of the body is common outcome of stroke.

  6. Some people are not able to speak properly after a stroke.

  7. Brain functions also get impacted after a stroke and memory loss can also occur.

Strokes can occur at any time. It is advisable to follow healthy life style and maintain a healthy heart and normal blood pressure to prevent strokes .

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