Important hair care tips for monsoons

Weather in the monsoon season is not ideal for skin and hair. Humidity or moisture in the air help germs and bacteria to grow and skin allergies and acne are common.

Rain water is also not very good for hair and can take away their shine and bounce.

Here are some tips that should be used to keep hair clean and healthy during the rains.

• If you spend a lot of time in the rain then you should use an antibacterial shampoo to wash hair. This will help get rid of bacteria from rain water and avoid scalp issues such as itchiness and sweat.

A clean head will prevent fungal and bacterial infections.

• You can also use a leave-in conditioner in your hair during the rainy season. The leave-in conditioner will work as a protective layer on the hair.

Always apply the conditioner on hair and not the scalp, then let the hair dry naturally.

• Ensure that hair are dry once you are out of the rain. Do not keep you hair tied up if they are wet. This will make them smell bad and increase chances of infection.

• Use a wide toothed comb to detangle hair when they are wet. Do not put excess pressure while combing. Hair roots are weak in the moist weather and can cause hair breakage.

Also wash the comb you use frequently.

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