Depression can have a deep impact on the elderly, says new study

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses, and its alarming rate of increase is posing a huge threat to youngsters and elderly people alike! Many people believe that depression is just a phase of life. There is no way out of depression other than getting good medical care and counselling. A recent study has found out that depression can have a serious impact on elderly people more than what it does to youngsters!

A group of researchers conducted the study on 1042 adults between the age group of 18 to 88 years. All of them had symptoms of depression. Researchers looked into how depression progressed in these people, and how it affected them after two years.

Elderly people above 70 years of age showed symptoms of depression even after two years of diagnosis and treatment. The rate was two to three times higher than what was seen in youngsters! Elderly people also took longer time to recover from this mental health condition when compared to youngsters.

Experts say that in the case of elderly, prevention of depression is better over treatment since it is more severe. The current study only gives a basic outline of the impact of depression in elderly. Further researches will give a detailed insight into how age becomes a crucial factor in the treatment of depression.

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