Check out these 4 snacks to enjoy this monsoons!

It is that time of the year when rains are in full-swing and you just want to sit indoors with a cup of hot brewing coffee or tea! Monsoon is here to provide relief from the scorching summer. Temperatures have come down across India, and people are now breathing a sigh of relief.

The ideal way to indulge in this season is by relishing on your favourite foods. India is home to some of the spiciest and lip-smacking snacks.

Here are 4 perfect monsoon foods to add flavour to a rainy day


Soups are an all time favourite. Who doesn’t like soups? A bowl of thick and hot piping soup can add more warmth to a rainy day. Ready to cook soups are available in your nearest grocery shops. So what are you waiting for? Grab them and make a hot bowl of soup.


This Indian dish will never lose its charm! How about some hot and spicy pakodas for your evening snack? These are easy to make and ideal treat if you have guests at home. Vegetarian pakodas are more popular. But if you are a non vegetarian lover, you can try out some chicken or egg pakodas too!

Chips and dip

Well, this definitely is not a healthy snack. But on a rainy day, there is no harm in breaking your diet! Grab a book or watch your favourite movie on TV by indulging in some chips and ketchup or your favourite dips.


There is nothing to beat a hot cup of chai on a rainy day. To add some twist to your regular chai, you can spice it up with some ginger and mint. Or maybe you can even go with your regular masala chai!

So sit back in your balcony with a cup of coffee or tea, have these snacks and just enjoy the rains!

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