Bihar government to give pensions to people with disabilities

Bihar's new State Commissioner of Disabilities, Shivajee Kumar, is a man on a mission. Since he took charge, Kumar has stated many times that he will fight for the rights of disabled people in the state. In a major step in that direction, Kumar has announced that people with disabilities in the state will get a monthly pension.

This is great news as many people with disabilities from economically poor backgrounds have to struggle to meet their daily, basic needs. They have little access to jobs or education to enable them to lead empowered, independent lives.

Kumar has also said that the government of Bihar will provide all the support to people with disabilities so that they are included in the mainstream society.

These announcements were made on the occasion of the celebrations of the 138th birthday of American novelist and activist Helen Keller. Keller who was deaf blind, paved the way for thousands of people with disabilities around the world.

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