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Egmore government museum is all set to become disabled friendly!

Recently, Egmore government museum in Chennai declared that they are all set to become disabled friendly. This initiative was lauded by disabled people, activists and NGO's across Tamil Nadu. This museum that hosts a huge collection of Roman antiquities outside Rome, is one of the largest museums in India!

The Egmore government museum boasts of artefacts from archaeology, Amravati paintings, palm leaf manuscripts, numismatics, zoology, natural history and sculpture as well. The museum is even more special because it is one of the oldest museums in India!

Recently, the government of India decided to make Egmore museum disabled friendly under the Accessible India campaign. Apart from the government museum, authorities have decided to make the Chennai Collectorate disabled friendly as well. People with disabilities will be provided with a barrier free environment in these building premises.

We are going to ensure that all the latest assistive devices are provided to make the museum barrier-free. A tactile path will be introduced inside buildings and across the campus as well. Self operative chairs will be provided so that people can easily cross all the steps inside our buildings. Lift and ramp facilities, Braille boards, special toilets and an exclusive special parking for disabled people will also be introduced- says Kavitha R, Director of the government Egmore museum.

The entire campus will be upgraded with an amphitheatre and museum plaza in order to make the place more vibrant and disabled friendly even after working hours!

Authorities had to face quite a few challenges in order to make it fully accessible.

We had to bring in assistive devices and work on it without closing down the museum. So the works are currently happening while we have visitors every day. Adhering to the heritage norms was also a challenge- adds Kavita.

The museum will be made fully accessible by 2019. Once it is open, disabled people can visit the museum with their family and friends.

Nothing like spending a day amidst rich heritage and revisiting the past!

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