Boy with autism finds a home in the U.S, Bombay High Court grants permission to foreign national to adopt him

A 12-year-old boy with autism, abandoned as a boy, has a new home and a family. The Bombay High Court has allowed an American national to adopt the child. It has even directed the passport office to complete the travel document formalities at the child's home.

The court gave the order while hearing the petition filed by a 59-year-old American woman to legally adopt the child. Rules of the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), lay down that any foreigner who wants to adopt an Indian child must take the permission of a high court.

The Bombay High Court gave the permission and said that the passport office should do to the child to make things easier. The court called this a special case and ordered the necessary procedure to be completed at his home.

The child stays in Thane with the American woman. He was born in 2006 in Bihar and was abandoned in a hospital there in 2010. The hospital contacted the police to help trace the parents. They were not successful. In the meantime, the child was handed over to the petitioner, who works with NGOs to create awareness about autism. She later sought to legally adopt him.

In a report authorities from CARA said that the petitioner had cared for the boy for the last seven years. The court observed that she had seen him through the last several years with that condition.

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