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Some things to consider when talking to people with autism

Autism is a disorder that affects millions of people across the world. Autism is a developmental disorder that may affect the ability of a person to communicate and interact with others. Lack of awareness about autism has created a stigma around it.

If you are interacting with a person or child with autism, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Do not make stereotype assumptions about the person by asking them about their maths skills. Every person with autism is different and has different skills and interests.

  2. Do not express surprise if the person with autism has a job or is in a relationship. There is nothing weird or strange about it. People with autism are just people like everyone else and have a life too!

  3. Do not compare one person with autism with another. People are not the same and everyone is born different.

  4. Do not feel sorry for someone who has autism. Encourage and stay positive around people with autism instead of being negative.

  5. It is not right to ask a person, what it is like to have autism. The question is insensitive and targets the person in a negative manner.

  6. Worse than everything would be to ignore a person with autism as if they do not exist. You might not get a response when you talk with them, but that doesn't mean they do not wish to be social. Be patient with people with autism and do not give upon them!

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