American teenager invents ‘AnxietyHelper’ app for those struggling with mental health problems!

Do you know someone who is going through depression, anxiety or a mental health problem? You must suggest them to visit a doctor at the earliest and get clinical help. If they use an iPhone, you can also ask them to download the AnxietyHelper app!

This new app was designed by 16 year old American girl Amanda Southworth. AnxietyHelper is one of its kind and extremely helpful to millions of people who have mental health problems.

Amanda used to struggle with depression and anxiety when she was in high school. This made her think deeply about the issue and she wanted to do something about it. Being a software developer, she realised that the best way to contribute to the cause is by designing a mobile app!

AnxietyHelper provides information on mental health problems like depression, anxiety and panic attacks. It has interactive tools that will help the user to get a better idea of their current mental health.

The app has a Guided Vent Feature. Users can vent out their emotional feelings with the help of this feature. Amanda says that this helps a lot of people!

The Guided Breathing Feature of the app provides relaxation to the user through various techniques.

AnxietyHelper will also help you locate the nearest mental health clinics. Currently, this app is supported only on iPhones.

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