Monsoon covers entire India!

Monsoon is the season when new crops are born and freshness fills the air after a scorching summer. Rains entered Kerala last May, and have been full-fledged ever since then. According to latest reports, monsoons have covered the entire country already, that too ahead of its schedule!

North East India, parts of central India and the west are already receiving heavy rainfall. This will help in the growth of crops like rice, corn, soybeans and cotton.

India depends on monsoon for growing a large share of its crops. It even accounts to more than 2.5 million dollars of export! It helps in the local spending of items including gold to cars, motorcycles and electronics as well. Hence, monsoon plays an important role in building the economy.

Initially, reports suggested that monsoon was 4% lesser in India. But states like Gujarat had received rainfall more than what were expected.

According to IMD, India is going to receive more rainfall in the next few weeks as well.

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