This sweet gesture on Twitter by the dad of a child with autism has everyone talking!

A Twitter user, Shane Jackson from Australia, has set major fatherhood goals on the Internet. This is after Jackson, whose daughter has autism, posted a report card of Sophia where he graded her on many skills.

The idea came to him after he found out that Sophia had received all D grades on her report card and was sad. Sophia cried and told her father that she had let everyone down.

Jackson decided to do something that would make her daughter smile. He made a report card where he graded her straight 'A's in all the categories. He also posted cute drawings by his daughter on Twitter.

My daughter who has ASD received straights Ds on her report today. She cried and said “I’ve let everyone down” this is my report card for her - Shane Jackson

The post has now gone viral on social media and many people have loved this innovative idea.

These are some of the posts from people:

You sound like an awesome dad Shane. I've three little baby girls. They would love a report like that when they’re Sophie’s age - Twitter user

Every little thing counts, keep up the progressive thinking! It might not change the blinkered approach of mainstream but it works wonders on our children with ASD - Twitter user

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