Odissi dancer Vinod Bachan chooses to focus on his dancing skills rather than learning disability

Where words fail him, the language of dance help him find expression. Odissi dancer, Vinod Kevin Bachan, has always chosen to focus, not on his learning disability, but rather his unmatched dancing abilities.

Growing up, Bachan would dance to the tunes of Indian classical music played by his grandfather. As a young boy, he opted for Kuchipudi, but it was Odissi where he found his space.

Bachan, who performed in Delhi this weekend, presented choreographies of his guru, Padmashree Ranjana Gauahar. Another piece used the lyrics of Meera Bai to pay homage to nature.

Bachan also helps his guru by teaching young kids who come to learn at her institute called Utsav Ranjana’s Dance Academy. He practices till late in the night.

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