Air pollution can lead to diabetes, says new study

Yet another wake up call for India to address the high rates of environmental pollution! A new study says that high air pollution has a major role to play in diabetes!

A new study published in the United States says that even so-called safe levels of air pollution can lead to diabetes.

The study says that over 3.2 million people across the globe have diabetes due to the effects of air pollution. This accounts for 14% of the total population!

Medical experts in India explain that air pollution reduces the level of insulin in a person’s body. Which explains why even people who follow a healthy lifestyle develop diabetes in many instances. Given the high rates of environmental pollution, this explains why Indians are more prone to this condition as compared to people in the West.

The warning bells for diabetes in India are ringing loud indeed. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research, there is a 64% rise in people with diabetes over the last 25 years.

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