Madhya Pradesh government starts new helpline number for the elderly

India has been witnessing a drastic rise in cases of elderly abuse. State governments across the country are gearing up to ensure that senior citizens are protected and that they have good standards of living.

The government of Madhya Pradesh, along with the National Social Justice and Disabled Welfare Department has launched a new helpline number for elderly people.

Senior citizens can call to the number 1800-233-1253 to talk about their grievances. An advocacy campaign was also launched for the younger generation to treat elderly people with respect and care. This campaign assures that youngsters will be provided information on how to take care of the elderly.

The campaign also stressed that elderly people must seek help without any hesitation. The government is committed towards ensuring that they face fewer challenges during old age.

As people age, they face biological, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual changes. This has a deep impact on their minds and bodies. Hence, they need utmost care and concern.

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