Isradipine drug might be the new cure for Parkinson's disease!

Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder that has already affected millions of elderly people across the globe. Researchers and medical experts are yet to find a complete cure for this disorder.

But a latest study on the topic reveals that Isradipine, an anti-hypertensive drug might actually help cure Parkinson’s! Previous studies had shown that people who use this drug had lesser chances of developing Parkinson’s disease. That is why researchers did an in-depth study on this and the results were positive!

Isradipine helps to protect the dopamine-producing neurons that are affected due to Parkinson’s disease. The test was conducted on mice, and researchers found out that the dopaminergic neurons were protected after injecting this drug into their bodies. The mice were observed for over 10 days in order to witness the drastic change!

This new study on cure for Parkinson’s disease was conducted by a group of American researchers who published the results in a journal.

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