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Sense Kaleidoscopes opens a world of opportunities for children with autism!

One in 68 children in India is diagnosed with autism. Now, that is not a small number and it highlights some critical needs. One, for early intervention, and two for vocational training centres to enable them to become financially independent.

In this regard, Sense Kaleidoscopes, a venture by Ayathi Trust in Bengaluru, is a welcome move. Founded by Akshayee Shetty and Anima Nair, the venture aims to empower children with autism.

Enabling independence

The programs here are such that they ensure children with autism become financially independent by giving them knowledge about various skills and vocational training.

The idea came to the founders, Nair and Shetty, in 2013 when they realized that India lacks good training centres for children with autism. Shetty had just come back from Scotland after working in the field of autism. Nair was struggling to find the right place where her son, who has autism, could learn and explore.

That is when they decided to join hands and do something for children with autism. This is how Sense Kaleidoscopes was born!

We have a process-oriented and tested curriculum for children with autism. We are currently working on an autism-specific curriculum with grades 1 to 5 so that children can get a better insight into various subjects. Through this eight-hour program, we will ensure that the child gets what it needs to become self sufficient in this competitive world - says Akshayee Shetty, Co-founder, Sense Kaleidoscopes

Finding the right model

The team at Sense Kaleidoscopes believes that by experimenting and implementing the right models, training can be made fun for a child with autism.

We aim at bridging the gap in cognitive, communication, life, and social skills development for children with autism. There is a lack of professional and high quality trainers in the field. Sense Kaleidoscopes wants to address all these issues - Anima Nair, Co-founder, Kaleidoscopes

Though Sense Kaleidoscopes has ample resources for a fully-flourished school, they face quite a few challenges. The primary concern is financial constraints.

Fundraising is definitely a huge crisis. But right now, we have expanded our premises. So we hope things are just going to get better - Akshayee Shetty, Co-founder, Kaleidoscopes

Currently, Sense Kaleidoscopes follows two different streams. In the first one, students are given basic academic training in subjects like math, english and science. The second project is purely based on creative arts and vocational training, where students are taught pottery, painting, theatre and sculpture.

This passionate team is geared up to expand their venture very soon. They aim to create a bigger space with government collaboration so that more children with autism can be part of Sense Kaleidoscopes.

By raising funds, they can also hire more trained staff and realize their dream of spreading their venture to other parts of India. If they success, Sense Kaleidoscopes could fill a much needed space in the field of autism in India!

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