Gujjar and 4 other communities get 1% reservation in Rajasthan

The Rajasthan government has announced 1% reservations for five communities under the Most Backward Classes -MBC category.

These five communities are Gujjar, Banjara, Gadia-Lohar, Raika, and Gadariya.

The state government has issued two separate orders regarding the reservations.

One for reservations in admission to educational institutions and the other is regarding reservations in government jobs.

As per reports, the state government made haste in making the announcement as the Gujjar leaders had threatened to launch protests during PM Narendra Modi's upcoming Jaipur visit.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to attend a rally in Jaipur on July 7.

The Gujjar community has been demanding a 5% reservation within OBC quota and has often carried out massive protests over the issue.

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