Over 30 disabled people from a village in Andhra Pradesh gets free wheelchairs!

When it comes to being accessible and disabled friendly, our cities and towns have a long way to go. It gets even more complicated in villages of India!

Recently, volunteers of the Rural Organisation for Poverty Eradication Services (ROPES), an NGO that works at Bangarupalem in Andhra Pradesh, were looking out to find ways to make mobility easier for disabled people in the village who could not even afford wheelchairs. Moving around was a a herculean task for these people!

That is when R James came to their rescue! James, who is based in the United States, works closely with the India Christian Ministries (ICM). He sponsored over 30 wheelchairs to disabled villagers at Bangarupalem, and the entire consignment has already reached the village last week! All the beneficiaries were identified under government rules and a technical team even took measurements of wheelchairs for each beneficiary.

All of them belonged to different age groups varying from five to 80 years of age. They are super excited now since they can move around freely and become more independent!

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