Disabled Delhi girl who was denied a government job fights for justice!

Gone are days when people with disabilities had to cross hurdles to get their rights. The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 clearly states that disabled people must be given equal opportunities everywhere! In spite of this, a young girl from Delhi, who is a disabled government teacher aspirant, had to undergo trouble to get a job.

The girl, who has a 65% disability in both her arms and legs, filled an online application form last year for the post of a government teacher. Once she completed the form, the website rejected her application because she had a disability! This is clearly a violation of her rights. She has approached the Delhi state disability commission to fight for her rights.

The State Commissioner of Persons with Disabilities has issued a show cause notice to the Directorate of Education asking for a detailed explanation regarding the matter.

The girl had lost her loco motor skills after she fell sick at a young age. The doctors declared that she will not be able to walk or move her hand again. But through rigorous physiotherapy sessions and will-power, this young girl has ensured that she is now able to do things independently.

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